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Digital Items 3.0

This project is the successor to the original Digital Items 2 mod.

There is no significat diferrences from Digital Items 2, but all things related to energy consumption are not implemented yet.

This mod allows you to turn your items into numbers (called IDs), which you can store or send to your friends and then turn them back into their item form.
Every ID is unique, can't be guessed, and can only be used once.

No duplication or cloning of items is possible.
The process of turning an item into an ID is called 'digitization' and turning it back is called 'rematerialization'.

Items that are digitized begin to 'decay'. If they are left digitized for too long, they are gone.
You can reset their 'decay countdown' by 'refreshing' an item ID or partially rematerializing it.

You can retrieve information about digitized items via their ID and items inside the digitizer itself.
All of these operations are performed inside the 'digitizer', and require a configurable amount of energy.

These operations are exposed in the form of a peripheral for the CC: Tweaked mod.

Supported versions

Forge: 1.20.x (features)
Fabric: 1.20.x (features)

Q. & A.

How do I use this mod?

Place a digitizer and computer (either directly next to one another or connected with network cables and modems).
From left to right side by side: An active advanced computer from CC: Tweaked, an active digitizer, a creative energy cube from Mekanism

Place the item you want to digitize inside the digitizer.

The gui of the digitizer. The player inventory and a single slot above it containing 64 stone.
On the right side is an energy indicator in the form of a bar with red and green color indicating the stored energy.
The cursor is hovering above the bar and the Tooltip "173400/480000FE" is shown.

Now you can interact with the digitizer with lua.

The open gui of an advanced computer. It reads:
CraftOS 1.8
Please report bugs at Thanks!
> lua
Interactive Lua prompt.
Call exit() to exit.
lua> digitizer = peripheral.find("digitizer")
lua> id = digitizer.digitize()
lua> id
"<32 random characters>"
lua> _

Use digitizer = peripheral.find("digitizer") to find the peripheral and bind it to the digitizer variable.

The following methods are available to call on the digitizer peripheral:

  • inventory methods from CC:T to make it will like actual inventory peripheral
  • getDecayEnabled() Returns whether the digital items decay.
  • getDecayTicks() Returns the duration in ticks after which digital items decay.
  • digitize() Digitizes the item stack and returns the ID.
  • digitizeAmount(amount) Like digitize() but only digitizes amount items leaving the rest in the digitizer.
  • rematerialize(id) Rematerializes the item stack associated with the provided ID and places it inside the digitizer.
  • rematerializeAmount(id, amount) Like rematerialize(id) but only rematerializes amount items. Resets the decay countdown for the remaining stack.
  • refresh(id) Refreshes the item stack associated with that ID.
  • getIDInfo(id) Returns a table containing currentTime (current world age in ticks), digitizedAt (time when the item stack got digitized), decaysAt (time when the item stack will decay), lastRefresh (time when the item stack got last refreshed) and item containing information about the actual item stack.

Is it compatible with the original mod?