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If you ever wants to control beacon automatically and change it powers, now you can!

Beacon configuration

Beacon configuration can be complicated at first, but you need to think about it like regular beacon configuration:

  • You select one of primary powers with power argument (should be effect id, like minecraft:haste, full list you can get via getPossiblePowers())
  • Than you need to selected inventory with payment for beacon reconfiguration. By default, this method will take first item in this inventory with minecraft:beacon_payment_items tag, but you can specify exact item ID (like minecraft:iron_ingot) via optional item parameter.
  • If your beacon has 4 level, by default selected effect will get second level. If you want to select regeneration instead, pass regeneration as true.
Compitablity note
  • 1.18 and 1.19.2 versions of UnlimitedPeripheralWorks uses effect.minecraft.haste as ID for effects

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
getLevel() number Returns current beacon level, can be from 1 to 4
getPossiblePowers() table Returns list of possible primary effects, that can selected
getPowers() table Returns list of currently active effects
configure(power: string, from: string, itemQuery?: ItemQuery, regeneration?: boolean) Result Tries to configure beacon with selected power, consuming single item from from storage


ItemQuery scope in any case will be reduces to items with tag minecraft:beacon_payment_items