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Reality forger


Reality forger

Supported versions

Forge: 1.20.x
Fabric: 1.20.x

Do you even want to control the appearance of your home and change it just by pressing a button? Now you can do this; just build your home from flexible reality anchors and use reality forger to control them. You can mimic nearly any block, create dynamic doors, and forge the reality that surrounds you.

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
detectAnchors() table Returns list of all surrounding anchors with relative coordinates
forgeRealityPieces(coordinates: list[BlockPos], blockState: BlockState, options?: Options) Result Tries to modify the appearance of blocks in the block poses list
batchForgeRealityPieces(instructions: Instructions)) Result Tries to modify the appearance of blocks following instructions in one tick
forgeReality(mimic: blockState: BlockState, options?: Options) Result Tries to modify appearance of all surrounding blocks
Compitability info

In previous versions (prior to 1.1.0) it was possible to pass options flags inside blockstate argument.

It is still work for backward compitability, but will be removed in next major minecraft update


Options is just a table with "key" and boolean value false or true.

  • You can use playerPassable attribute to make blocks passable for players. So {playerPassable=true} will create an oak block that the player can just walk through. Take note that blocks will be passable only for players.
  • You can use the boolean attributes lightPassable and skyLightPassable to allow light and skylight to pass or not throw the block.
  • You can use the boolean attribute invisible to make blocks totally invisible. In addition to playerPassable it makes blocks nearly undetectable.


Type descriptions: list[list[BlockPos], BlockState, Options]]

Because batchForgeRealityPieces is method designed to execute multiple forgeRealityPieces in one tick, batchForgeRealityPieces just accepts list of arguments for this method.

So, you expected to pass something like:

    {{{x=0, y=0, z=1}, {x=1, y=1, z=1}}, {block="minecraft:oak_log"}},
    {{{x=1, y=0, z=1}}, {block="minecraft:birch_log"}, {playerPassable = true}}