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Some librarian often founds lectern pretty useful, but it was always a problem to write long books. Now you can do it with one little program!

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
hasBook() boolean If lectern has book, return true, else false
getPageCount() number Returns page count, error if no book on lectern
getActivePage() number Returns active page for book on lectern, error if no book on lectern
setActivePage(page: number) nil Tries to set new active page for lectern. Error if no book or page number not between 1 and pageCount
getText() table Returns a list of strings with text in book
isBookEditable() boolean Returns true if book can be edited via this API
addPage(text?: string) boolean Tries to add new page with text if passed (or empty text). Error if no book or book is not editable
removePage(page: number) boolean Tries to remove existed page. Error if no book or book is not editable or page number is not correct
editPage(page: number, text: string) boolean Tries to change page text. Error if no book or book is not editable or page number is not correct
ejectBook(to: string) Result Tries to move book on lectern to target storage
injectBook(from: string, itemQuery?: ItemQuery) Result Tries to move book to lectern from target storage. Will transfer first suitable book. If itemQuery provided, book will be filtered by it


ItemQuery scope will be limited to written or writable book in any case


For any computer connected to lectern, you will receive a set of events


When someone changed page on lectern


  1. current_page: number current page for lectern


When book removed from lectern


When book on lectern was placed or replaced with another book


  1. book_name: string name of new book, can be "Book and Quill" or something more useful
  2. player_name?: string optional name of player who changed the book