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Occultism is a Minecraft magic mod built around summoning demons and interacting with them.

Supported versions

Forge: 1.19.4, 1.20.x

Occultism Storage

With this integration, occultism storage will provide Item Storage API with a few extra methods

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
getMaxSlots() number Returns max slots in storage
getUsedSlots() number Returns used slots in storage
isBlacklisted(item: string) boolean Returns true if the item is blacklisted in storage, false otherwise

Golden sacrificial bowl

Unfortunately, for now, automation of occultism rituals is not supported, but when using a golden sacrificial bowl as a peripheral you can observe the flow of ritual

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
isBusy() boolean Returns true if ritual in progress
getCraftingInformation() table or nil Returns information about the current ritual if there is one in progress, nil otherwise