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StatsD Bridge

StatsD Bridge

StatsD bridge
Name: statsd_bridge

Supported versions

Forge: 1.20.x
Fabric: 1.20.x

StatsD Bridge exists to allow players to send statsd metrics to a preconfigured statsd server. The settings for this peripheral are split into two files.

The common configuration field enableStatsDBridge corresponds to the enabled peripheral block, while the server configuration section statsd is responsible for statsd bridge configuration.

The server owner should configure statsdHostname and statsdPort and point them to some statsd receiver and set enableStatsDConnection to true. With these settings, at the start of the server, a new non-blocking statsd client will be started. The server owner can also define a statsdPrefix which will be added to the name of any metrics at start.

Any metric that a player will send with this integration will always start with a preconfigured statsdPrefix and will also contain the owner's name. So, it would be <prefix><owner_name>.aspect. The owner is a player who placed the block. Owner is also used for rate limiting messages to the statsd client; the max amount of messages per minute is controlled by statsdPlayerRateLimit. This is also a global rate limit per minute, which is controlled by statsdGlobalRateLimit.

Supported APIs

  • Configuration API: provides playerRateLimit and globalRateLimit which tells you how often you are allowed to send values per minute.



count(aspect: String, delta: number)

Will send counter to statsd server. Delta can be any real number.


delta(aspect: String, delta: number)

Function send gauge delta to statsd server. Delta can be any real number.


gauge(aspect: String, value: number)

Function sets gauge value to stastd server. It is takes to account that you can't set negative value for gauge as one message, so it will actually send two messages, one with setting gauge to zero, and one with negative delta.


set(aspect: String, eventName: String)

Functions that sets some aspect to same value. Should accept anything


time(aspect: String, timeInMs: number)

Function that sends time measurement to statsd server. timeInMs supposed to be time in milliseconds. Please, take to account, that os.epoch() and by default returns Minecraft time, so to measure execution time you should do something like this:

local p = peripheral.find("statsd_bridge")
local start_time = os.epoch("utc")
p.time("some_function", os.epoch("utc") - start_time)