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Turtlematic - is mod about making turtles so useful, so you will never need any other automation mod!

Most of peripheral methods are collected into API methods. Every new automata core, that you will craft expand or evolve those abilities by methods and parameters will stay the same!

Supported versions

Forge: 1.20.x (features)
Fabric: 1.18 (fixes), 1.19.2 (fixes), 1.20.x (features)

Current features list

With this mod turtles will be able to:

World interaction

  • Simulate player right and left click with items on blocks and mobs
  • Gathering experience
  • In-place smelting and stonecutting (with mod interactions) for blocks
  • Pushing blocks and pulling them pack like pistons
  • Capture and release blocks and mobs
  • Searching for mobs or items around turtle
  • Harvest crops without block breaking
  • Trading with villagers and traders

Extra crafting

  • Enchanting items and extract enchantments to books
  • Smelting items
  • Smithing recipes


  • Teleporting to previously stored points in world
  • Placing chat bubbles on top of themself
  • Voiding item in inventory

and more feature comes

Getting started

Soul vial recipe

To start with the main part of this mod, you need to obtain a Soul vial and start gathering souls. To collect soul you just need to right click on soul sand with this vial, it consumes soul and transform soul sand into usual sand. You can track soul consumption progress by tooltip and image picture. After enough soul it will be transformed into "Filled soul vial" that can be used to craft your first automata!

Improving automata core

Soul scrapper recipe

Crafted automata core is just the first step. To improve it you need a tool, that will allow to you to collect souls and infuse your automata core with it. This tool is called Soul Scrapper. Terrifying scythe that are too evil to be used by human hand. Thankfully, you can use turtles for this dirty and evil job.

Poor cow

At automata page you can see cores, that can be created from base one.