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Husbandry automata


Husbandry automata turtle

Advanced automata that can harness power of the nature. This automata provider extra capabilities of take care about peaceful mobs and crops (nether wart and cocoa beans included!).


Feed 1 pig, 1 chiken, 1 sheep and 1 cow souls to automata core with soul scrapper to obtain it.

Supported APIs

Extra methods

Function Returns Description
harvest(direction?: Direction Result Tries to harvest crop. Crop will not be broken, works like right click harvest


Which entity are usable for husbandry automata

If at least one of criteria met:
- Entity is friendly
- Entity have "creature" category
- Entity have turtlematic:husbandry_extra_animal tag

What is count as crops

If at least one of criteria met:
- Block are extends CropBlock
- Block has age attribute and turtlematic:husbandry_extra_crops

Extra information about animals

Sometimes1 this automata will show extra information about animals when you use Look or Scan APIs. For example, this is output for sheep

    "type": "Sheep",
    "name": "Sheep",
    "category": "CREATURE",
    "id": 1269,
    "tags": {},
    "uuid": "0737fd25-a1b6-4a1a-9cdd-3081e0155bb6",
    //here goes extra fields
    "aggresive": false,
    "baby": false,
    "inLove": false,
    "aggresive": false,
    "shearable": true
Extra information about blocks

If block has age property, extra data about it will be provided when you use Look API.

"age": 2,
"maxAge": 2,
"name": "Cocoa",
"tags": [

For beehive and bee nest there a lot of extra data will be provided when you use Look API.

"honetLevel": 3,
"name": "Bee Nest",
"isFull": false,
"isSmoked": false,
"bees": [
        "hasFlower": true,
        "hasNectar": true,
        "hasStung": false,
        "health": 10,
        "id": "minecraft:bee",
        "name": "Bee",
        "minOccupationTicks": 2400,
        "ticksInHive": 283
"tags": [

  1. When entity class extends Animal. shearable available when entity class extends Animal and implements Shearable interface