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Supported versions

Fabric: 1.20.x
Forge: 1.20.x

Reactors in powah are a bit special, and because of this, they have their own special integration. Take note that this integration will only work for fully built reactor.

Supported API

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
getEnergyTransfer() number Returns max energy transfer
getEnergyGeneration() number Returns current energy generation
inspect() table Returns all information about generator, including amount of fuel, carbon, redstone as well as some consumption metrics and temperature
toggleAutoMode() nil Toggles auto mode of reactor
Example of inspect output
    "autoMode": false,
    "currentCarbon": 0,
    "maxCarbon": 16000,
    "currentRedstone": 0,
    "maxRedstone": 18,
    "currentUranium": 0,
    "maxUranium": 1000,
    "maxSolidCoolant": 568,
    "currentSolidCoolant": 0,
    "currentTemp": 1000,
    "maxTemp": 1000,
    "energyProduction": 0,
    "uraniumConsumption": 0