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Brewing automata

Automata that harness power of cleric villager, allows you to perform brew potions, throw it and curing villagers


Feed cleric villager to forged automata core with soul scrapper to obtain it.

Supported APIs

Extra methods

Function Returns Description
brew() Result Performs brew operations, applying item in selected slot as brewing component to all potions in inventory.
throwPotion(power?: number, uncertainty?: number) Result Throws potion in selected slot with provided power (controls max distance) and uncertainty (controls deviation)


XP notes

Brewing operations often provides some XP that will be stored in turtle

Extra information about zombie villagers

To help you understand power of your potions, you will receive extra information about entities with Look API and Scan API

    "type": "Cow",
    "name": "Cow",
    "category": "CREATURE",
    "id": 1269,
    "tags": {},
    "uuid": "0737fd25-a1b6-4a1a-9cdd-3081e0155bb6",
    "effects": [
            "amplifier": 0,
            "duration": 1474,
            "isAmbient": false,
            "name": "Regeneration",
            "technicalName": "effects.minecraft.regeneration"
How do I supposed to get water bottles?

You can use glass bottles on water sources