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Statue workbench


Statue workbench

Supported versions

Forge: 1.20.x
Fabric: 1.20.x

Minecraft consists of blocks, but blocks are not as flexible as many of us would like. But with the status workbench, you can overcome this problem! Just place a flexible statue on top of the workbench and be ready to shape any block that you want.

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
isPresent() boolean Check if statue is present on top of workbench
setStatueName(name: String) nil Setter for statue name
getStatueName() string Returns statue name
setAuthor(author: String) nil Setter for statue author
getAuthor() string Return statue author
setLightLevel(level: Int) nil Setter for light level of statue
getLightLevel() Int Returns statue light level
setCubes(cubes: list[Cube]) nil Setter for statue cubes
getCubes() list[Cube] Returns list of current cubes for statue
reset() nil Removes all information for statue and reset it


Cube is a table that describes the start and end points of a cube, its color, and its texture. Color is named tint in RGB format. Texture is basically any Minecraft texture; by default it is peripheralworks:block/white, so just white, that can be painted in anything via tint.

    x1 = 0,
    x2 = 14,
    y1 = 0,
    y2 = 14,
    z1 = 0,
    z2 = 14,
    tint = 0xFF00FF