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Entity link


Entity link

Supported versions

Forge: 1.20.x
Fabric: 1.20.x

ComputerCraft is a powerful tool that allows you to manipulate different blocks and modify them.
Hey, but what about entities, like minecart or even living creatures like horses with chests? Why they should be left behind?

Not anymore. With the help of an entity link and entity card, you can connect your computer to supported entities! Just insert entity card into it with right click.

If you want to remove card from link, just right click on it with empty hand.

List of supported entities:

  • Minecarts with chest or with furnace would additionally provide inventory API to this minecart.
  • Horses, donkeys and llamas with chests would additionally provide inventory API.
  • Demons from Occultism if they have inventory would additionally provide inventory API.

Peripheral functions

Function Returns Description
isEntityFound() bool Returns true if entity connected, false if not
inspect() table or nil Returns table description of entity if it is attached, nil if entity is not found