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Mimic turtle

Supported versions

Fabric: 1.20.x
Forge: 1.20.x

Mimic turtle as you would expect, can mimic any block in the game. Even if a block has custom rendering (in most cases). So, do you want to scare your friend or maybe just built a flying elevator? Now it is completely possible.

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
setTransformation(rml: RML) nil Setter for transformation instructions
getTransformation() RML or nil Returns current transformation instructions
setMimic(block: BlockState, nbtData?: string) nil Setter for mimic block. nbtData will be used for loading information into fake block entity for rendering. NBT data should be passed as JSON string
getMimic() BlockState or nil, table or nil Returns pair of current mimic block state and table with nbt data
reset() nil Resets mimic turtle