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Ultimate sensor


Ultimate sensor

Supported versions

Forge: 1.19.4, 1.20.x
Fabric: 1.19.4, 1.20.x

The end goal of the ultimate sensor is to be able to sense literally anything. But for now, its scope is somewhat limited by real world and your imagination to use it.

Supported APIs

Peripheral methods

Function Returns Description
inspect("dimension") Result[string] Returns dimension name
inspect("biome") Result [string] Returns biome name
inspect("weather") Result [string] Returns weather state: rain, thunder or stable
inspect("orientation") Result [number] Returns azimuth for peripheral orientation (block orientation for block, turtle facing for turtle and player orientation for pocket computer)
inspect("time") Result [number] Returns day time of world
inspect("light") Result [table] Returns information about light and sunlight of current position
inspect("calendar") Result [table] Returns information about current day number and moon phase
inspect("chunk") Result [table] Returns information about current chunk: is this is slime chunk and how many ores in this chunk
analyze("dimension") Result [table] Returns list of all dimension names
listAnalyzers() table Returns list of all possible analyzers
listInspectors() table Returns list of all possible inspectors