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KV Storage

KV Storage

KV Storage
Name: kv_storage

Supported versions

Forge: 1.20.x
Fabric: 1.20.x

KV Storage is a simple implementation of a key-value database for your CC:T programs. It is owner-based, bound to the player who placed the block, so each KV storage that player placed is attached to the same database.

Internally, KV storage by default uses sqlite database, attached to the world folder. If the server owner wants to disable only the KV storage database, they can change kvStorageMode to DISABLED. Also, each player has a limited number of keys stored inside the database, which is controlled by kvStorageKeyLimit and equal to 1000 by default.

Supported APIs

  • Configuration API: provides keyLimit which shows the max number of keys player can have and valueLimit which shows max size of value.



put(key: string, value: string, expire?: number)

Put new key into KV storage. expire is optional argument that can be provided to make key automatically expire after some period of time. expire should be utc timestamp of real time, you can get it from os.epoch("utc") function.

put("key1", "v1") -- saving key1 into database
put("key2", "v1", os.epoch("utc") + 20) -- saving key2 into database, key2 will be expired after 20 seconds


get(key: string): string or null

Helps you to retrive value from key, if key is present in database and not expired.


delete(key: string)

Removes key from database if it existed.


list(): table

Returns a list of all available keys for owner.


get_ex(key: String): number or nil

Returns point in time when this key would expire. Nil if key is not present or expire is nil.


put_ex(key: String, expire?: number or nil)

Put new expire mark for key. You also can pass nil to remove expire from key.