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Enchanting automata


Enchanting automata

Automata that harness power of librarian villager, allows you to works with enchantments.


Feed librarian villager to forged automata core with soul scrapper to obtain it.

Supported APIs

Extra methods

Function Returns Description
getEnchantmentPower() number Returns current enchantment power around turtle
getPossibleEnchantments() table Returns list of possible enchantment with current enchantment power level for item in selected slot. It will always return 3 suggestions like default enchanting table. Also it always shows only ONE enchantment even if more will be applied
refreshEnchantments() nil Refresh enchantments in list of possible enchantments. This is an only way to get different enchantments without performing enchantments
enchant(selected: number) Result Tries to perform enchantment on item with selected enchantment from list of possible enchatments. Selected should be 1, 2 or 3. Consumes XP from XP storage as for usual enchantment
extractEnchantment(target: number) Result Tries to extract enchantments from item in selected slot to item in target slot. An item in target slot should contain only 1 book. There is a small chance that one enchantment will be lost in the process


Enchantment power gathering

To perform enchantment you need to make sure, that you have enough enchantment power. Any head or bookshelf around turtle (radius of influence is 2 blocks) will give 2 extra points of enchantment power. Take a note, that turtles in the same radius will give two extra enchantment power points per enchanting book in their inventory.

What gives enchantment power

By default: bookshelf, heads, candle and candle cake. You can control this via turtlematic:enchantment_power_provider tag